Thank you Terri Creech from Bear Coves kennel for my diva puppy she is great. Any one looking for a standard poodle puppy should contact her. She does a great job raising her puppies.


 I can not thank you enough for this sweet boy! He is definitely Velcro! Everyone loves him, my mom loves when we bring him bring him by to visit and she is here a lot, he is so good with her.


Dear Terry,
thank you so much for allowing us to purchase Sophie ( we changed her name to Lucy)! We love her so much. She is the best dog I could've ever hoped for. She's a great dog!! She does everything you said she would do. You described her perfectly. She has not had any accidents!! Shes very playful and fun!! Definitely a great great addition to our family. Thanks so much!!!! I love being a standard poodle only. Wouldn't have any other breed..


Caniche started out perfect, and she just keeps getting better every day! 3 words that describe her to a T are:  Sweet, Smart, Sassy. And soon, we'll be adding Spoiled, no doubt. She is my 5th standard poodle, and I never thought I'd find, let alone own, one like this. As you know, I did lots of research before I decided to purchase my puppy from you, and I feel that my scrutiny really paid off. I got so much more (all your wonderful health testing, gorgeous conformation, and the incredible true poodle temperament) than I had even hoped for in a puppy. I can already see that her main goal in life is to please me, and she does it in her cute, funny, sassy way that always makes me laugh out loud. Thank-you SO much for bringing such joy to my life.



We would certainly recommend Bear Cove to anyone interested in a Standard Poodle - wonderful dogs, and you are so great - wonderful to deal with and highest integrity. We love our girl!

Flame had a good night, slept with Alexa and didn't wake up until 530am. He meet a little friend of Alexa's, and played a long time in the back yard until he needed a nap indoors. He hasn't had any accidents so far, and seems to want to go outside to do his business. He went to the barn this evening with the girls, our dog Khandi, and meet the horses... Was unimpressed. He Is eating and drinking well. We left him in the kitchen alone to play a few times while we watched tv or did chores, so get could get used to us not always being with him.... He protested pretty loudly, but was able to settle himself. So, so,far he's doing well. He just went out for the last time, and us sleeping on Alexa's bed. You sure raise well adjusted puppies. The trip and this great day are a tribute to all the time and love you put in to your litters. Thx, we love him already!

She is doing great! She was afraid of the horses in the beginning, now she is running among them. She is sweet and smart. They love to eat. We feet them the Taste of Wild, which doesn't have any grain or soy. We feel she is the most obedience one. We love her.
Hi, Terri
David and I enjoyed very much meeting you today, and we appreciate all you have done to make the placement of Bella with us go well.
In David's words "What a great dog!" We love her sweet, gentle, loving disposition. She has been introduced to our other two Poodles
with no problems. Also, no problems with the cats with which she has come in contact. She reacts lovingly and well to both David and me.
In regard to food, so far she has not shown very much interest in the Fromm dry food, but loves chicken and the treats you sent (we have only given her two of those). Do you think there would be any problem in putting a small spoonful of Fromm canned food on her bowl of Fromm dry food?
We are giving Bella a lot of affection and attention, and she is responding well. She is really a loving dog, and we are so grateful to you for raising her to be such a secure, loving dog and then allowing us to be her "adoptive" family. Please be assured that we will provide for her the best care and lots of attention and affection. We love Bella and will devote ourselves to making her a very happy dog. She is already making us happy!
We will continue to give you regular updates on Bella and her life with us.
Thanks for all you've done - we appreciate you!
Dear Terri,
Elmo has his 1st competition this weekend....He's entered in Novice A obedience trials on Saturday and Sunday at the Dayton Dog Training Facility in Moraine, OH.
We've been taking classes for a year and thought we'd compete for fun, but Elmo definitely has the potential to excel so we will see...
You are definitely welcome to attend any or all of the show and stay with us if you have any inclination or availabilty to do so; otherwise we will keep you posted on Elmo's performanace.
As you know, Elmo is the best!! Thanks so much for allowing us to enjoy this great dog!!
All the best!

Abbey is wonderful! She is huge 85 lbs. She also thinks she is a lap dog. I LOVE her. She has been to puppy school. she kidnaps stuffed animals and drags them to the yard and removes the eyes. she doesnt chew them up. she carries em around... in all she is spoiled rotten.

Dear Terri,
Elmo is growing like a weed and doing great in obedience class. we can tell that you taught him well!
We are taking him on a road trip to visit my son, wife and airdale (truman) we'll let you know how well he travels..


Piper is doing great! He has settled in real well, and has already wrapped himself around all of our hearts here. He's deffinately Johnny's boy, tho'. He likes me, too, but JC is his "Daddy". He and BB are pretty much inseperable,,,, He's already just as spoiled as the other "kids" about demanding to be petted. We took all 3 of the poodles to be groomed Saturday, and Tina (our groomer) fell in love with him, also,

Hi, Bear Dog is doing great. He is able to run the farm. He stays home pretty well. An occasional visit to the neighbor's house. He is a great dog. He and my Saint Bernard are buddies.  For the last three Saturdays, we have been going to Christmas parades. Bear goes with us and loves all of the kids. He really likes the little girl, in the sleigh. Annie lays on him, walks him and dresses him and he loves it.

The kids adore her. She adores them. She gets so excited to see them especially our 3 year old. She bounds around and wants to play.
We are not keeping the Lilly name. My wife has decided to call her nalla bear and nalla for short. Nalla means dear one in one of the African dialects.
We are so pleased with her. She is very smart and picks up on things so quickly. We have her almost completely house broken. She went the whole first night without an accident. She didn't have an accident until my 3 year old had an accident. She went in the same area we stripped my 3 year olds clothes off at.

That was only pee. She has been going poo outside no problem.
I took her for short walk and after a couple of tugs on the leash she was walking right next to me like a pro so much so that I let her off lead on the way home and she stayed right with me.
She is such a doll. We are very happy. Couldn't ask for a better disposition.

 Hi Terri,

Fozzy is doing great!! He sleeps in his crate and doesn't mess in it. He also goes to the back door to go outside. Its so amazing how smart the standards are. Am tossing names around but am leaning towasr Moe for him. I gave him a hair cut and he did good on the table. But he is so big that he will have to go to the groomer next time. Thanks so much for these super great dogs,




Hi Terri -
Tugs is doing wonderful!! What a gentleman he is and he has fit right in with Nani, Sally, Jessie and Beamer!! He is such a gentle giant and you are to be commended for molding him into the dog that he is!! My boys and I just love him and he cannot wait for them to get home from school everyday as he knows it is then "play" time!! I will do my best to get you some pictures of him and Nani!!


Thank you so much for your hospitality and educated assistance during our time together. Willow had nine beautiful babies. Thanks for helping me with the extra questions. It was a great experience and I will recommend you and yours to anyone intrested. Again Thank You and good luck,


I thought I would send a quick note to let you know that “Sam” as we call him (short for Samson) is the perfect dog. He follows me everywhere and still lets us know when he wants anything-water or to go out and does great with training. I must send in the papers which I have not done-on my schedule for this week but I would have another (female-not to breed) if I could find one with his temperament and personality a little later on. Rodney, who was unsure about a poodle, thoroughly enjoys playing/teaching him. He thought poodles where foo foo dogs and not for him.


George is doing great! I hope the pictures come through. He wasn't sure about the crate the first night. He whined a little bit, but slept most of the night. The second night was better and last night was even better. He is just like any little baby and wants to chew on EVERYTHING so I think he is adjusting well to his new home. I took him to the vet yesterday and the vet was very impressed with him. The vet's office is in one of the schools I work in so he got to spend part of the day at work with me and my co-workers fell in love with him also. We are extremely happy that he picked us for his forever family!