GRCH Bear Coves Dancing on the Rizz RN Spot-On (Pumpkin)

 This is my apricot girl. I am so proud of her. This dog has done everything I have asked her to do. I am proud that she has obtained her AKC rally novice title! Pumpkin has her UKC grand championship.  This is my first show dog of MY breeding. Pumpkin has won BOB (Best of breed) 24+ times with multiple group placements.  Thanks Merry Hatmaker of Hi Hat for allowing me to use your boy with my girl to create this very special dog.

  Pumpkin is OFA clear for hip dysplasia, congenital cardiac disease, eyes CERF clear, Legg-Calve-Perthese clear and patellar luxation normal. Pumpkin is clear on NE, vWB and DM. Pumpkin has been issued a CHIC#.

 Pumpkin is training to be my service dog and she is doing wonderful. Pumpkin is now spayed and she is  enjoying the next phase of her career. At the Greater Smoky Mountain Dog Club show, in Athens TN, Pumpkin obtained her UKC Spot-On title.




Pumpkin won her grand champion title, champion class winner, best of breed and a group 3!

Thanks James Holt for the placement!

Photo by 3 River Photography




Thanks Pat Young for the placement.

 Photo by

Get It Now Photography

Thanks guys 

Pumpkin's Championship Certificate


Pumpkins Health Certificates


 Hips- Fair


 Heart- Normal


 Cerf- Normal


 Patellar Luxation- Normal


Pumpkin's Teeth                                                 Full Detention



Degenerative Myleopathy-Clear OFA


Degenerative Myleopathy-Clear


Neonatal Encephalopathy-Clear OFA


Neonatal Encephalopathy-Clear


von Willebrand Disease Type -Clear  OFA


von Willebrand Disease Type -Clear



Legg-Calve-Perthes   Normal


 Pumpkins Pedigree


Hi Hat’s Sizzlin Rizzo (Red)

Majestic’s Chief Macleod     (White Apricot)

Murray’s Magnificent Madeous      (Red & Apricot)

Kit-Sue’s Dream Man Zeuss              (Red)

Fleatwood Nicholes Bonjovy   (Red)

Madam Daphne Danielle           (White & Apricot)

My Girl Precious Tubbs (Blue)

Ruelle’s Si De Obsession (White)

Mataje’s Blue Norther (Black)

Harley Heavens Angel      (Cream)

Zeus of Evanswood    (Black)

Kentucky Lotto Chance (White)

Duchess Leanna Huff (Black)

Onyx of Evanswood   (Black)

Wind-Echo’s Crispin Mahogany   (Brown)

Pheobe of Wind-Echo (Cream)

Selective Rosetta         (Red)

Still Blazin at Selective    (Red)

Sal’s Mikie White Chester (Red)

Kit-Sue's Dream Man Zeuss (Red)

Sweet Strawberry Blondie  (Apricot)

Kit-Sue’s Burning Ember (Red)

Jopa’s I’m Dreeaming Pippin   (Apricot)

Angels Majestic Autumn Mist (Red)

Ashton’s Golden Baby      (Apricot)

Master Ashton Gamble (Black)

Gallagher’s Milo     (Black)

Gallagher’s Ebony  (Black)

Golden Tasha Full of Grace (Apricot)

Red Romancandle of Wind-Echo (Red)

Pheobe of Wind-Echo (Cream)

Bear Cove’s Dances with Grace  (Cream)

Joseph Minight (Black)

Brown’s Cotton Dandy Man (Cream)

Shakala’s Alexander of Jovan  (White)

Jovan Rockafella    (Black)

Jovan Glamour Galore (White)

Shareve’s Star of the Night (Black)

Down’s Star Sky Walker (Black)

Shareve’s Brilliant Roxy (Black)

Darling Dolly Brown      (Black)

Down’s Star Sky Walker (Black)

Fella’s Best Chance  (Brown)

Shady Grove’s Sweet Cashmere   (Cream)

Down’s Star Pebbles Alive  (Black)

Shady Grove’s Firey Allante (Red)

Shady Grove’s Illusive Mirage       (Black)

Bear Cove’s Dreaming in the Clouds      (Cream)

Tyson XXXIII (White)

Lord of the Rings III (White)

AM CH Delta's Baggage Handler (Black)

Lordsofurr Mystique (White)

Blue Angel of Arimas   (Blue)

McKelvy’s Prince Aramis  (Blue)

McKelvy’s Prince Aramis (White)

Lovely Devine Fletcher  (Cream)

Hudson’s Just Joey (Apricot)

Shermars Kevin     (Cream)

Samantha of Devonshire (Black)

David and Aundrea’s Little Rosia  (Cream)

Jazz-Ma-Tazz’s Cody  (Brown)

Cedarcrest Lee Ann  (Black)