Bear Cove Poodles  

  As we walk down life's path isn't it great to have a noble dog (or more) to walk the path with you. Spell dog backward, isn't it wonderful. Dogs love us unconditionally, they are always thrilled to see us and never are they in a bad mood. Dogs will willingly give their lives for us. How many people do we know that we can say that about.

 Welcome to Bear Cove Farm where I raise beautiful Standard Poodles. I strive to breed the dogs to be able to do what they made to do. I live outside Richmond Kentucky. My dogs have plenty of time outdoors  and they run and play with the other dogs. 

 I do NOT sell to merle or doodle breeders.

UKC GRCH Bear Coves Dancing on the Rizz, RN (Pumpkin)


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